Sunday, September 4, 2016

Your Secret Admirer

Dear Mr, J

I Just wanna let you know that i Adore you so much.
More than i adore myself.

I just wanted you to know that i know everything of every pieces of your life, more than i know myself.

Im just a girl that have to see your picture before going to sleep, because it brings peacefulness for me.

I always wondering what kind of girl that you liked? Im a little bit curious about these.

I was shy and insecure.
I always looked you up on instagram and wondered if I have a shot to be with you.
I won't give up on you, I won't stop admiring you until i found you in real life, until i really really fucking met you, until we truly know each other.

I know this is sounds crazy but, there's nothing i can't do with this, i can't go out of this situation.
The only way out is "You" you are the reasons why im always sleeping late just to looked up on Path or Instagram just to see your life, just to see what are u doing out there.

You don't even know me, we're never talk.
But, trust me i know every pieces of your life.
I know about your friends, school, family, and your fuckin' relationship with your ex.

I want get closer to you,

if you ready,
Let me in.

Your secret admirer

Thursday, April 9, 2015

high school almost over, and now it's over.

Gue masih gak nyangka sekarang udah H-5 menuju UN dan gue sama sekali gak ada bekal apa2 untuk menghadapi UN. Sedih rasanya gak lama lagi lulus sekolah, gak berasa kayaknya baru kemaren gue ikutan mos. Semua kenangan-kenangan, semua cerita, canda-tawa yang udah gue laluin emang susah untuk dilupakan. Sebentar lagi kita bakal ada di balai dalam acara "Perpisahan" disitu pasti kita bakal seneng-seneng karna udah lulus dengan hasil yang memuaskan (Amin). High school itu selalu punya banyak cerita yang seru dan berkenang pastinya, High School itu masa dimana kita semua bener-bener hidup, bener-bener merasakan apa yang namanya "Pertemanan" dimulai dari punya temen yang gak asik, nyebelin, sampe temen-temen yang asik-asik dan pengertian semuanya cuma ada di High School. Jadi inget, waktu pertama kali masuk Isvill, gue ikutan MOS dan semuanya strangers, of course karena temen-temen dari SMP gue gak ada yang masuk Isvill jadinya pertama kali gue ikutan mos gue gak kenal siapa-siapa. Aduhh bener-bener gak berasa kalo semua ini udah 3 tahun lamanya. 3 Tahun itu bentar banget ternyata, bener-bener gak berasa. Sebentar lagi lulus, kita semua pasti bakalan mencar entah keluar kota atau bahkan keluar negeri untuk mengejar cita-cita dan ambisi masing-masing. Gak yakin deh setelah lulus nanti group line bakalan rame seperti biasa. Yang biasanya setiap malem di group berisik banget, penuh sama orang-orang gila yang lagi pada bercanda. Gak usah ikutan ngetik untuk ikut-ikutan bercanda, ngebacanya aja gue udah ketawa. Entah apa cuma gue aja yang berasa bakal kehilangan banget, bakal kangen kelas banget, banget, banget. Gue kandang nyesel nyia-nyiain waktu gue disekolah buat hal-hal yang gak pasti. Gue sering banget gak pernah merhatiin guru, gue lebih seneng denger musik dari pada harus dengerin guru atau ngobrol sama temen. Dan sekarang gue baru berasa waktu ini bener-bener habis. Dan gue nyesel gue gak pernah manfaatin semua itu, selalu begini gue selalu nyesel belakangan. Sebenernya ini bukan akhri dari segalanya, ini bukan akhir dari perjalanan hidup kita, justru ini semua adalah awal dari perjalanan hidup kita yang sebenarnya. Setelah ini kita bakalan bener-bener ngerasain yang namanya berjuang untuk hidup, bener-bener harus lebih dewasa, harus bisa nentuin kemana hidup kita selanjutnya. Mungkin ada yang kuliah, kerja sambil kuliah, atau mungkin ada yang mau nikah? gue gatau. Intinya gue sedih karna banyak banget kenangan-kenangan di sekolah yang gak bisa gue lupain. Tapi ini udah waktunya buat gue jadi sesorang yang lebih dewasa dari sebelumnya, sebentar lagi gue akan berada dikehidupan yang global, dimana gue harus berfikir secara global, realistis, dan gak kayak anak kecil lagi. Gue bakal berada diantara orang banyak, dimana disitu gue ditantang untuk bisa menyesuaikan diri, entah apa agama mereka, asal mereka, dan umur mereka nanti yang gue pun gak tau mereka lebih tua atau lebih muda dari pada gue. So guyss siapapun yang baca ini, mungkin kalian juga sedih kalo harus berpisah sama temen-temen yang kalian sayang dan udah kalian anggap keluarga, bagi gue sih iMultimax itu keluarga kedua gue, terserah mau bilang lebay atau apa, tapi emang kenyataannya gitu. Bio twitter iMultimax aja Not Friend but Family hahahah apaansi ya gapenting kah? Iya emang ga penting tapi ya gue cuma pengen buat kenangan dimasa-masa sekolah yang bakalan habis ini. Kenangan yang mungkin suatu saat akan kalian baca. Yaa gue gak peduli kalian peduli atau nggak sama artikel yang gue tulis ini, kan gue udah bilang gue cuma pengen bikin kenangan lebih tepatnya untuk gue sendiri, tapi gue tulis di blog biar suatu saat kalian baca. SEE U GUYS!! Lima tahun yang akan datang. Lihat apa yang akan terjadi nanti, mungkin kita semua jadi orang sukses dengan caranya masing-masing. Amin.. SEE U GUYS 5 YEARS LATER.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The little thing that changed dramatically.

Hey all! It's been a pretty long time since the last post, So many things to do, I was very busy with various activities at school. The first thing is, I just wanted to tell you that this time I will discuss about my appearance.
As you know that I have short body. Sometimes, I feel ashamed of my body short. The last thing and the most dramatic change I got this year is my weight dropped dramatically. Can you imagine how skinny I am now, only about 40 kg. And finally, lately I regularly drinking HiLo milk. Every morning and evening before going to bed I always drink it. How bored I drink this milk, but this is all for my goodness. To make my body look more beautiful.
As we know HiLo very helpful in raising the short body. HiLo is a good selling product. Therefore, I use it. Hopefully, in the next year my body look taller, and I look fatter. Amen. So that I could be like my friends who have the ideal body.
The second thing is, At that time, i do not knows what made my face into a lot of acne. So I wonder how I should clean / remove it. I could hardly sleep at night, because i am thinking about it. First, I try to use olive oil to clear my acne. But, that's not worked on my face. Some time later, I tried to use Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop. I use it in a few days, and it turns out acne on my face began to disappear. I am so Happy and Blessed because my acne is go out of my face.
The third thing is,
I am very dizzy because I had grade 12 and soon there will be a national exam. I am very fucking dizzy, because a many practice exams I faced, and some other exams of the school. But, I believe I can do it well. 
Thank god, but i'm so fucked up to learn about school. And, I signed up at SNMPTN to proceed to public universities if I am accepted. I don't think so, I doubt it will be accepted or not, but at least I still want to try until later. If I am accepted, I promise I will study hard for college. And at least I will reduce my lazy nature. Because my dream are high. I wanted to be a success women business, and i wanna try to makes my dream comes true. When registration college, I chose the Faculty of Management. I don't think anything about it. I just chose the faculty that I want to work in, even i don't know anything about 'Management' but i will tried to understanding of the faculty i choose.
Maybe this is a way for my better future.